The overall aims and objectives

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Future goals and policies of the University


Increasing academic fields according to the needs of the country and the city needs

Develop educational environment - a culture and recreation, attracting faculty and graduate, Ph.d 

Scientific publications and scientific and cultural development

Construction of student residences Vmsjd recruitment of engineering and ...

Establishing links with other universities and institutions of higher education are more extensive and comprehensive

Improving the quality of education and research in the light of deepening spirituality and promote the dignity of


The goals of the university



Deepening of religious principles through education and scientific Prvrshhay

Promotion of Science to help equip and provide specialized manpower needed

Development of human knowledge and advanced technology industrial development

Contribute to the development of science and education in the country.

Participation in education and human resources are required specializing in

Participation in preparing the fields of research, innovation, technology transfer and absorption.

Improving the quantity and quality of higher education

Participation in conformity with the requirements of professional education content and requirements of the development of science and education

Combination of education and research at all levels of education and help provide basic needs of the country

Establishment and expansion of interaction with other institutions of higher education and scientific and cultural fields and industrial sectors

Pyramid structure to the students of master and doctoral courses.