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The names of some university administrators



Name The office Photo staff
 Abbas Karimi   Financial and administrative director


 Mohammad Amin Shahbazi   Responsible personnel department


 Mahdi aghaei Semirom  Responsible for Graduates 


  Iraj  Abbasi  Director of the Department of Education 



 Morteza Afshari   Director of Public Relations 


 Sajjad salmaniyan  Student Accounting 


 Ali ghorban Bahramiyan  Expert Training


 Abbas  Saberi  Civil Engineering 


  shamayel Pirmoradian   Expert Training


  Tahere Samsam  Responsible dorms


 Mohammad Reza Salmanian  The property 


  Hassan Bratpor  Head of Procurement 


    Hussain Abbasi   Head Office


  Alireza Salehi  Responsible for warehouse


 hasan taki   Transport Officer


 iraj omidi  Arrangements  


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