Code : 10007

Members of the Board of

Engineer r rashidi

Position : President of the University

Education : Master of Architecture and Urban Planning

Date of Graduation : Tehran Art University


The Records

Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University Samirom

Isfahan's representative in the House Veterans country continues 87 years

Advisor to the Governor of Veterans Affairs from 1387 till 1389



Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad Wahid Bharanchy 

Position: Head office of the Islamic Culture

Education: Master of Science Quranic interpretation

Date of Graduation: University of Kashan

The Records:

Islamic Cultural Center Alzhy responsible for 2 years

God is in charge of the cultural center for 8 years

And university lecturer in the field of



Mr. fateh kabiri

Position: Teaching Assistant and Student

Education: Master of Computer Applications

Date of Graduation: Iran University of Science and Technology



The Records:

Board of Scientific Technology

Director of the Department of Applied Science Computer Technology SID




abbas karimi

Position: Director of Education and Student

Education: Bachelor of Theology

Date of Graduation: University of shahrod


The Records:

Deputy Education Management Education Samirom city for 2 years

Samirom high rise office manager and director of culture for 1 year

Education expert training and education for 2 years

Educational Assistant School martyr Beheshti Samirom