Development areas

Target  areas for development :
1) Secure programming environments including educational buildings, office buildings and other facilities required for quality Factors such as architecture, construction, operation, at least with regard to effective and expedient time possible and university
2) maintenance and optimal utilization of existing buildings
3) achieving national standards in the field of educational facilities, administrative and welfare etc.

Policies :
1) construction with minimum cost and maximum speed and quality
2) development of academic affairs at maximum efficiency and minimum staffing
3) investment of at least  1/3 of the  revenue of the unit and on the use of bank credit facilities and resources
4) increase the safety and comfort of operation of buildings Jdyddanshgahy
5) Pay more attention to landscaping to beautify the environment with academic spaces.

Duties :
1) conducting and supervising the implementation of all regulations, circulars and guidelines related to the development of department
2) planning for the provision of the required spaces and affiliated centers.
3) supervise the implementation of development projects and provide progress reports and compliance with timetables and prepared statements
4) collect and produce relevant data needed development projects
5) planning, implementation and monitoring issues related to the maintenance of buildings, installations and equipment and perform periodic inspections and records of the case and reflecting the results of

6) implementation of administrative and financial rules and regulations and guidelines issued circulars on development projects in the framework of the relevant principles